• Image of NIXIE CLOCK WAIT LIST - July/August 2017

PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT: $250 USD. Production in July/August 2017.

JULY/AUGUST 2017 PRODUCTION: 5 of 5 remaining.

APRIL 2017 PRODUCTION: 0 of 10 remaining (SOLD OUT).


If you'd like to get on the wait-list for TGT Studios Nixie Clock Series 2017 production, this is the place for you!

A $250 deposit will secure your place in line and guarantee you one of the first units going to production in 2017. You will get your choice of model (MKI, MKII, the new MKIII) as well as choice of material related to that model (black walnut, purpleheart, etc). All deposits are automatically granted an additional $50 credit when applied to the final purchase price, as well as a several pre-order bonuses: GPS Module, signed/framed prints, etc.

When the new production begins, all clock listings will re-stock and you will be granted a discount code for the value of your deposit to be applied against the MSRP of the clock of your choosing. You will be GUARANTEED a clock from my inventory as a result of your deposit. Once all pre-ordered units have been settled, listings will close until the next production.

Next production will be in July/August 2017. Which will most likely be the last production of the year.

Coming Soon