Retro-Futurist Amplifier - Black Walnut & Brass

Image of Retro-Futurist Amplifier - Black Walnut & Brass
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Based on a 15W Fender Combination Amplifier, the TGT Studios Retro Futurist Amp is a unique functional sculpture. Handmade from solid black walnut, brass, and copper hardware.

Features: RCA Inputs for playback from a device while simultaneously supporting instrument inputs. Second channel for onboard distortion (GAIN). Zero-baffle construction featuring 8" speaker suspended between two black walnut rings with rubber connections to reduce vibration and produce natural reverb.

Package Includes:
-Handmade amp based utilizing 15W Fender circuitry.
-Power cable
-RCA to AUX(3mm) cable
-1/4 TRS standard music cable
-Customized brand and client name plate designated recipient, artist studio name, and artist signature

Made to order, production time approximately 4-6 weeks.